Healthy Returns  Program



Absenteeism, low morale, low productivity and employee turnover are increasingly becoming major expense items for corporations throughout the world. In Australia, absenteeism is costing our economy about $7 billion annually or on average 8.5 working days per employee. And that's only a fraction of the economic costs that is attributed to 
presenteeism (working while sick). These costs amount to almost four times the burden of absenteeism ~ $25.7 billion per year! 


While there may be only a few companies that directly measure these costs for their organization, the impact of these issues appears to be epidemic. Progressively, companies are investing in Corporate Health Programs 
aimed at increasing the awareness of employees regarding health, nutrition and exercise, and at changing employee attitudes toward personal wellness and lifestyle. 


Companies investing in Corporate Health Programs report a range of positive impacts to the bottom line including improved professional image, increased productivity, enhanced morale, reduced staff turnover and increased 
recruitment potential. Past experiences and numerous studies show possible returns as high as 10:1 on investments in staff wellness programs. Efforts have proven that an investment in the health of employees is an investment in the health of a corporation.

A healthy investment with healthy returns.