For us, Gesundheit–Health Coaching is more than a business, it’s a lifestyle. We are not simply trainers, teachers and coaches. We are healthy individuals trying to raise healthy families. We place health and wellbeing at the top of our priority lists. We believe "healthy" is not as a restricting regime, rather it's a rewarding balance that enables us to enjoy everything in life so much more.

gesundheit - [guh-zoo nt-hahyt]
German for health

Whether on your own , with your partner or with a bunch of friends - our PT is designed to help you achieve your goals fast.


Come and join our group sessions for a workout that lets you sweat and smile. 

Shared pain is half the pain.


Our training is purposeful and modern.

After a decade of training hundreds of clients we know what works and what is important: 


Results , Variety and Fun.


GESUNDHEIT Health Coaching

ph: 1300 736 942

email: info@gesundheit.net.au


Bondi Beach, Australia


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